Cleansing Herbal Tea

Cleansing Herbal Tea

Simple Products with the Sunnah in Mind. 

Dandelion: diuretic, used for poor digestion, healthy liver function, nutritional food.
Nettle: nutritive, adaptogen, diuretic, used for weak hair, bones and teeth, hypothyroid, seasonal allergies, build blood, UTI, eczema, increase metabolism.
Calendula: astringent, anti-inflammatory, lymphatic, antimicrobial.
Yellow Dock: used to treat a variety of skin complaints but it is best known as a bitter alterative that promotes healthy digestion, cools hot, inflamed conditions and “alters” a stagnant or congested liver.
Marshmallow: almost always included in protocols for inflammatory problems in the digestive tract such as ulcers, colitis, and constipation. Besides being able to soothe inflammation, marshmallow root is also a vulnerary, healing any wounds within the digestive tract. 
Red Clover: is commonly used as an alterative herb to support skin health, both through internal and external use, and is also considered a mild lymphatic.
Burdock Root: is an alterative herb.Its main affinity is with the skin and elimination through the skin. Burdock benefits also include noticeable effects on the urinary system and the liver. 
Ginger: especially affects the respiratory system, digestive system, and circulatory system. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory shown to decrease pain for those with chronic inflammatory pain such as arthritis. 
Yarrow: is broadly antimicrobial and antiseptic. It is also commonly used internally to move stagnant blood. 

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