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Winter Rescue Tea

Simple Products with the Sunnah in Mind. 

marshmellow root - almost always included for inflammatory problems in the digestive tract such as ulcers, colitis, and constipation. Besides being able to soothe inflammation, marshmallow root is also a vulnerary, healing any wounds within the digestive tract. The high mucilaginous content of marshmallow root may make it a useful remedy for treating coughs and colds.

ginger - is loaded with beneficial plant compounds that can improve your overall health. It contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-viral properties that support the proper functioning of the immune system. This makes ginger a powerful natural remedy for colds, flus and viral infections. 

wild cherry bark - has traditionally been used to treat coughs and other respiratory complaints. It has excellent natural expectorant qualities meaning that the bark can help to loosen up phlegm or mucus from the respiratory system. Also give pleasant taste. 

lemon peel - anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial

ginseng - known to boost energy and prevent infections. 
Research shows that this herb can stimulate the immune system and lower blood sugar.

licorice root - can help build up an immunity to allergens. It is commonly used in alternative medicine to treat colds and sore throats. However, licorice does not only act upon the respiratory system. It can also be soothing to the gut and work as an effective liver cleanser and blood detoxifier when combined with other herbs. Also gives sweet yummy taste.

  • Ingredients

    marshmellow root, ginger, wild cherry bark, lemon peel, ginseng, licorice root